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Pack 280 Website is Back!

We are back from hiatus on our website!  My name is Josh Gattis and I am the new Cubmaster for the pack this year.  We are starting a new pack year soon and will do our best to make sure we keep our website current with updated posts, updated den information, and connections to the Pack calendar and other related information.  I want to welcome you back to the site and also ask that you join our Facebook group as well at this link “Cub Scout Pack 280” .

I along with the rest of the leadership team welcome you and look forward to having a great year this year!

Recycled Orchestra

As Scouts, we are taught to look after the environment. One of our rules is to always leave the outdoor areas we occupy in better condition than we found them. Conservation is our watchword.

In Paraguay, there is a movement underway to equip children of all ages with musical instruments made from items found in trash dumps and reclaimed wood. Talk about recycling! Below is a cello made from reclaimed wood and oil barrels!

Just goes to show that those dead branches our boys find in the woods can be more than pretend guns, swords, or magic wands. It’s definitely something to think about with regard to any trash found at future campouts!

Own a piece of Pack 280 history!

While cleaning out his garage, Tim Bachelder found a bin full of these old pack shirts. These were the “Class B” shirts the pack used prior to Davis and I joining. We’ve had two different pack shirts since then!

We are going to sell these to pack members for $5 each. We have several Adult Larges, but also mediums and smalls. Youth sizes range from small to large.

We will have a table set up at the Pinewood Derby as well as at the next pack meeting. First come, first serve!

Cub-O Results

Cub-O-2014-teamJan. 3, 2014. It was a beautiful day at Sid Richardson Scout Camp. Thousands of scouts and their leaders and parents gathered for camping, map & orienteering training, and a grand adventure.

The challenge? Collect as many landmark hole-punches on our map.

Our team, Lego Landlubbers, hot-footed it across miles and miles of woods and trails, and landed smack in the middle of 35th place of 72 teams participating in Cub-O.

Team Score: 150 points

Finish Time: 3:48:40

See PDF report of full results

Cub-O 2014


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