Hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I wanted to share a quick adventure that Ethan and I made earlier this week with a scout from another council up to Lake Ray Roberts. We first planned out everything we would need to take with us and then added items for what could be bad weather. Then Tuesday morning we got up, ate breakfast, and drove a little less that an hour to Johnson Branch. There is a $7 per adult fee to gain access to the park for any of you that think about going up there. We then found our place to park, made a pit stop at the provided restroom, and then hit the marked out trail. This is an out and back trail with lots of smaller trails that run off of it to add to the exploring. We decided to save the smaller trails for the next trip and just stick to the main trail. Including the time we spent stopped eating the lunches we brought, we were on the trail almost 5 hours. In this time we hiked just over 6 miles. The weather turned out perfect and the birds came out in the afternoon. The colors were amazing to see and experience in the open, and led to some great conversations with these two scouts. We were able to make a difference by finding trash left on the trail and putting it in the provided receptacles. I would recommend this trail to anyone looking for a “beginner” trail. It’s got some ups and downs, but it’s a clear wide path that is clearly marked. Looking forward to going back and exploring the smaller trails.